Last Update: 2023-09-20

About the APSORC

The Asia-Pacific Symposium On RadioChemistry (APSORC) was founded by Prof. Kishikawa and the first conference was held in 1997 in Kumamoto, Japan. The conference provides an international forum for presentation and discussion of current and emerging sciences in all fields of radiochemistry and nuclear chemistry, and their applications to various fields. It aims to promote academic activities in nuclear, radiochemical and related sciences. Scientists, engineers and students from universities, institutes, laboratories and industries throughout the world are encouraged to participate and make contributions.



The APSORC symposiums

The conference has been held every 4 years. The venue, years and the organizer of the next symposium has been decided by the APSORC-IC. The symposium organizer and local organizing committee manage the conference and the APSORC- IC helps the symposium organizer.

Symposium organizer
Kumamoto, Japan
Prof. T. Kishikawa (Kumamoto Univ.)
Fukuoka, Japan
Prof. Y. Maeda (Kyushu Univ.)
Beijing, China
Prof,. Y. F. Liu (Peking Univ.)
Napa, CA, USA
Prof. H. Nitsch (U.C. Berkeley and LBNL)
Kanazawa, Japan
Dr. Nagame (JAEA)
Prof. M. Yamamoto (Kanazawa Univ.)
Jeju, Korea

Dr. Kwang Yong JEE (KAERI)

Koriyama/Fukushima, Japan

Prof. Y. Takahashi (Univ. Tokyo)
Prof. Y. Yamada (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
Prof. A. Shinohara (Osaka Univ.)







APSORC International Committee (APSORC-IC)



  A. Shinohara Japan


1  A. Chatt    Canada
2  Y. Nagame   Japan

Secretary General

  A. Yokoyama   Japan


1 J. Bennett Australia
2 A. Chatt  Canada
3 Y. L. Zhao  China
4 Z. F. Chai  China
5 P. Pujari India
6 A. Mutalib  Indonesia
7 M. Ebihara  Japan
8 A. Yokoyama Japan
9 T. Nakanishi Japan
10 Y. Nagame  Japan
11 H. Haba Japan
12 Y. Takahashi Japan
13 Kyuseok Song Korea
14 Y. H. Chung  Korea
15 S. N. Dmitriev  Russia
16 V. P. Kolotov  Russia
17 J. W. Yeon Korea
18 S. B. Clark  USA
19 K. Boonsirichai Thailand


Honorary members

  H. Nakahara   Japan
  Y. Maeda     Japan
  Y. F. Liu      China
  D. C. Hoffman   USA
  M. Yamamoto   Japan
  T. Kishikawa    Japan
The honorary members who served as either chair of the APSORC-IC or organizer of the APSORC conference before retirement, and approved by the committee.


  H. Kudo      Japan
  X. Y. Wang    China
  S. B. Manohar   India
  V. Vengupal    India
  D. N. Suglobov  Russia
  C. Chung     Taiwan, China
  K. S. Park     Korea
The fellows who had served several terms as the member, and have made passive contribution with or without sending out a retirement notice, and approved by the committee.




The APSORC-IC Secretariat function is supported by the APSORC Subcommittee of the Japan Society of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences (JNRS) where the Subcommittee chair works with the agreement of the Secretary-General of APSORC-IC. Announcement of the APSORC-IC is made on the internet website maintained voluntarily by the APSORC Subcommittee of the JNRS.