Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.11, No.1, 2010

  • [Reviews] R. J. Peterson; (PDF file 1,501kB)
    Nuclear Fission Induced by Pi Mesons
    (Published on Web 10/1/2010)
  • [Accounts] Amar Nath; (PDF file 167kB)
    The Role of Emission Mossbauer Spectroscopy in the Study of Sophisticated Materials
    (Published on Web 10/1/2010)
  • [Articles] K. Nomura, S. Iio, Y. Hirose, Z. Nemeth, K. Yamamoto, and H. Reuthere; (PDF file 1,606kB)
    Characterization of 57Fe Implanted and Annealed SnO2 (3 % Sb) Films by Depth Selective Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectroscopy (DCEMS)
    (Published on Web 10/1/2010)
  • [Articles] A. Toyoshima, Y. Kasamatsu, K. Tsukada M. Asai, Y. Ishii, H. Toume, I. Nishinaka, T. K. Sato, Y. Nagame, M. Schadel, H. Haba, S. Goto, H. Kudo, K. Akiyama, Y. Oura, K. Ooe, A. Shinohara, K. Sueki, and J. V. Kratzh; (PDF file 339kB)
    Extraction Chromatographic Behavior of Rf, Zr, and Hf in HCl Solution with Styrenedivinylbenzene
    Copolymer Resin Modified by TOPO (trioctylphosphine oxide)

    (Published on Web 10/1/2010)