Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.15, No.1, 2015

  • [Articles] J. Zheng*; (PDF file 577kB)
    Evaluation of a new sector-field ICP-MS with Jet Interface for ultra-trace determination of
    Pu isotopes: from femtogram to attogram levels
    (Published on Web 06/05/2015)
  • [Articles] W. T. Bu, J. Zheng*, T. Aono, J. W. Wu, K. Tagami, S. Uchida, Q. J. Guo, and M. Yamada; (PDF file 669kB)
    Pu Distribution in Seawater in the Near Coastal Area off Fukushima after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
    (Published on Web 05/13/2015)