Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.4, No.2, 2003

  • [Articles] Y. A. El-Nadi, N. E. El-Hefny and J. A. Daoud*; (PDF file 39kB)
    Mechanism of Extraction of Hexavalent Uranium from Alkaline Medium by Aliquat-336/Kerosene Solution
    (Published on Web 10/06/2003)
  • [Reviews] T. Nakamura*; (PDF file 977kB)
    Recent Development of Advanced Neutron Detection Technology
    (Published on Web 12/09/2003)
  • [Articles] Yuko Morita-Murase*, Isao Murakami and Yoshio Homma; (PDF file 167kB)
    Counting Efficiency for Rapid Preparation of Known Amounts of 222Rn by the Air Luminescence Method
    (Published on Web 12/29/2003)
  • [Articles] Koh Sakamoto*; (PDF file 927kB)
    Radiochemical Study on Photonuclear Reactions of Complex Nuclei at Intermediate Energies
    (Published on Web 12/29/2003)