Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.7, No.1, 2006

  • [Articles] Takehiko Tsuruta; (PDF file 219kB)
    Accumulation of Thorium and Uranium by Microbes — the Effect of pH, Concentration of Metals, and Time Course on the Accumulation of Both Elements Using Streptomyces levoris
    (Published on Web 6/6/2006)

  • [Articles] T. Asano, T. Wada, M. Ohta, S. Yamaji, and H. Nakahara; (PDF file 569kB)
    The Dependency on the Dissipation Tensor of Multi-modal Nuclear Fission
    (Published on Web 6/29/2006)

  • [Articles] Rolfe H. Herber,Israel Nowik, Dario Braga, and Marco Polito; (PDF file 548kB)
    57Fe Mössbauer Parameters of Two Crystal Polymorphs of Fc+AsF6- and the Sign of the Quadrupole Splitting in the Ferrocenium Ion
    (Published on Web 7/24/2006)

  • [Notes] C. H. M. Broeders, A. Yu. Konobeyev, and L. Mercatali; (PDF file 197kB)
    Global Comparison of TALYS and ALICE Code Calculations and Evaluated Data from ENDF/B, JENDL, FENDL, and JEFF Files with Measured Neutron Induced Reaction Cross-sections at Energies above 0.1 MeV
    (Published on Web 7/24/2006)

  • [Reviews] Walter Greiner and Valery Zagrebaev; (PDF file 272kB)
    Long-Lived Superheavy Nuclei and Giant Quasi-Atoms Produced in Damped Collisions of Transactinides
    (Published on Web 6/6/2006)

  • [Reviews] Zhang Huanqiao; (PDF file 496kB)
    Nuclear Halo and Its Related Reactions
    (Published on Web 6/29/2006)

  • [Reviews] Y. Maeda; (PDF file 777kB)
    Mössbauer Spectroscopy —Nuclear Hyperfine Technique for Studying Dynamic Chemical States of Iron Complexes—
    (Published on Web 7/24/2006)

  • [Reviews] S. M. Qaim; (PDF file 578kB)
    Recent Advances in Radiochemical Studies of Low and Intermediate Energy Nuclear Reactions Induced by Light Particles
    (Published on Web 7/24/2006)

  • [Reviews] S. Hofmann, D. Ackermann, S. Antalic, H.G. Burkhard, R. Dressler, F.P. Hesberger, B. Kindler, I. Kojouharov, P. Kuusiniemi, M. Leino, B. Lommel, R. Mann, G. Munzenberg, K. Nishio, A.G. Popeko, S. Saro, H.J. Schött, B. Streicher, B. Sulignano, J. Uusitalo,d and A.V. Yeremin; (PDF file 489kB)
    Study of Superheavy Elements at the GSI-SHIP
    (Published on Web 8/24/2006)

  • [Reviews] K. Kondo; (PDF file 438kB)
    Radioactive Airborne Species Formed in the Air in High Energy Accelerator Tunnels
    (Published on Web 8/24/2006)

  • [Reviews] V. P. Shantarovich; (PDF file 823kB)
    Positronium Atom in Solids —Peculiarities of Formation and Interconnection with Free Volume Nanostructure—
    (Published on Web 9/26/2006)