Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.8, No.2, 2007

PROCEEDINGS of the 6th international Symposium on Advanced Science Research
— Frontiers of Nuclear and Radiochemistry —

(Published on Web on November 12, 2007)


Session A: Superheavy Elements — Production, and Chemical and Nuclear Properties

  • Yu. Ts. Oganessian; (PDF file 783kB)
    Study of Heavy Nuclei at FLNR (Dubna)

  • M. Schädel; (PDF file 385kB)
    Superheavy Element Chemistry — Achievements and Perspectives

  • H. Haba, D. Kaji, H. Kikunaga, T. Akiyama, N. Sato, K. Morimoto, A. Yoneda, K. Morita, T. Takabe, and A. Shinohara; (PDF file 423kB)
    Development of Gas-jet Transport System Coupled to the RIKEN Gas-filled Recoil Ion Separator GARIS for Superheavy Element Chemistry

  • K. Ooe, Y. Tashiro, D. Saika, Y. Kitamoto, K. Matsuo, T. Takabe, T. Kuribayashi, N. Takahashi, T. Yoshimura, W. Sato, K. Takahisa, and A. Shinohara; (PDF file 367kB)
    Development of On-line Solvent Extraction System with Microchips for Heavy Element Chemistry

  • A. K. Nasirov, G. Giardina, A. I. Muminov, G. Mandaglio, and R. K. Utamuratov; (PDF file 494kB)
    Peculiarities of Nuclear Fusion in Synthesis of Superheavy Elements

  • Y. Kasamatsu, A. Toyoshima, H. Toume, K. Tsukada, H. Haba, and Y. Nagame; (PDF file 274kB)
    Anion-exchange Behavior of Nb, Ta, and Pa as Homologues of Db in HF/HNO3 Solutions

  • K. Nishio, S. Hofmann, H. Ikezoe, F. P. Heßberger, D. Ackermann, S. Antalic, V. F. Comas, Z. Gan, S. Heinz, J. A. Heredia, J. Khuyagbaatar, B. Kindler, I. Kojouharov, P. Kuusiniemi, B. Lommel, M. Mazzocco, S. Mitsuoka, Y. Nagame, T. Ohtsuki, A. G. Popeko, S. Saro, H. J. Schött, B. Sulignano, A. Svirikhin, K. Tsukada, K. Tsuruta, and A. V. Yeremin; (PDF file 1023kB)
    Measurement of Evaporation Residue and Fission Cross Sections of the Reaction 30Si + 238U at Subbarrier Energies

Session B: Nuclear Processes as Chemical Probes

  • Y. Ohkubo, Y. Murakami, W. Sato, and A. Yokoyama; (PDF file 494kB)
    TDPAC and Its Application to Chemistry

  • S. Iijima; H. Hagiwara, H. Torigoe, and N. Matsumoto; (PDF file 566kB)
    Counter Anion Effect on the Spin-crossover Behaviors of Two-dimensional Fe(II) Complexes with a Tripod Ligand Containing Three Imidazoles

  • W. Sato, N. Ochi, A. Taniguchi, T. Terai, T. Kakeshita, A. Shinohara, and Y. Ohkubo; (PDF file 349kB)
    Local Magnetic Field of a Perovskite Manganite La0.7Ca0.3MnO3

Session C: Application of Nuclear and Radiochemical Techniques

  • H. Sakurai; (PDF file 352kB)
    Studies on the Usefulness of Radioisotopes in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • H. Hidaka; (PDF file 311kB)
    Geochemical Characteristics of an Ancient Nuclear Reactor “Oklo”

  • S. Watanabe, T. Katabuchi, N. S. Ishioka, and S. Matsuhashi; (PDF file 254kB)
    Synthesis of Endohedral 133Xe-Fullerenol by Using Higher Fullerene

  • N. Kinoshita, T. Hashimoto, T. Nakanishi, A. Yokoyama, H. Amakawa, T. Mitsugashira, T. Ohtsuki, N. Takahashi, I. Ahmad, J. P. Greene, D. J. Henderson, C. L. Jiang, M. Notani, R. C. Pardo, N. Patel, K. E. Rehm, R. Scott, R. Vondrasek, L. Jisonna, P. Collon, D. Robertson, C. Schmitt, X. D. Tang, Y. Kashiv, and M. Paul; (PDF file 417kB)
    Technological Development for Half-life Measurement of 146Sm Nuclide

  • S. Sekimoto, T. Kobayashi, K. Takamiya, and S. Shibata; (PDF file 188kB)
    Determination of Trace Amount of Manganese in High-purity Iron

Session D: Environmental Radiochemistry and Actinide Sciences

  • N. Momoshima, T. Yamaguchi, T. Toyoshima, Y. Nagao, M. Takahashi, M. Takamura, and Y. Nakamura; (PDF file 218kB)
    Tritium in the Atmospheric Environment

  • A. J. Francis, C. J. Dodge, and T. Ohnuki; (PDF file 596kB)
    Microbial Transformations of Plutonium

  • S. Nagao, Y. Sakamoto, T. Tanaka, Y. Nakaguchi, and R. R. Rao; (PDF file 264kB)
    Effects of Fulvic Concentration and Molecular Size on Complexation of Am and Pu with Aquatic Fulvic Acids

  • F. Sakamoto, T. Nankawa, N. Kozai, T. Fujii, H. Iefuji, A. J. Francis, and T. Ohnuki; (PDF file 243kB)
    Protein Expression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Response to Uranium Exposure

  • S. Uchida and K. Tagami; (PDF file 482kB)
    Soil-to-crop Transfer Factors of Radium in Japanese Agricultural Fields

  • T. Nakano-Ohta, T. Kubota, J. Sato, and Y. Mahara; (PDF file 896kB)
    Concentrations of 226Ra and 228Ra in Hot Spring Waters from Tokyo Metropolis and Its Vicinity, Japan

  • Y. Yamaguchi, T. Abe, Y. Murata, Muguntha Manikandan N., K. Tanaka, and K. Komura; (PDF file 763kB)
    High Resolution Measurements of Temporal Variations of Airborne 210Po, 210Pb, and 7Be at Ishikawa Prefecture, Facing the Sea of Japan