Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, Vol.3, No.1, 2002

PROCEEDINGS of the 2nd International Symposium on Advanced Science Research
- Advances in Heavy Element Research -
(Published on Web on June 30, 2002) -

-CONTENTS download-- (PDF file 54kB)- List of Papers Published on Web

( * : Invited Talk )

Session A: Synthesis of Superheavy Elements

  • G. Munzenberg; (PDF file 509kB)
    SHE Research at GSI - Achievements and Plans*.

  • Yu. Ts. Oganessian; (PDF file 467kB)
    Synthesis and Properties of Even-even Isotopes with Z = 110-116 in 48Ca Induced Reactions*.

  • S. Grevy, and FULIS collaboration: N. Alamanos, N. Amar, J. C. Angelique, R. Anne, G. Auger, F. Becker, R. Dayras, A. Drouart, J. M. Fontbonne, A. Gillibert, D. Guerreau, F. Hanappe, R. Hue, A. S. Lalleman, T. Legou, R. Lichtenthaler, E. Lienard, W. Mittig, F. De Oliveira, N. Orr, G. Politi, Z. Sosin, M. G. Saint-Laurent, J. C. Steckmeyer, C. Stodel, J. Tillier, R. de Tourreil, A. C. C. Villari, J. P. Wieleczko, and A. Wieloch; (PDF file 131kB)
    Production of Super Heavy Elements at GANIL: Present Status and Perspectives.

  • V. I. Zagrebaev; (PDF file 693kB)
    New Approach to Description of Fusion-fission Dynamics in Super-heavy Element Formation.

  • Y. Aritomo; (PDF file 629kB)
    Fusion Mechanism in Superheavy Mass Region.

  • G. I. Kosenko, C. Shen, and Y. Abe; (PDF file 555kB)
    A Dynamical Approach to Heavy-ion Fusion: 48Ca + 244Pu.

  • V. Yu. Denisov; (PDF file 352kB)
    Formation of Superheavy Elements and Ternary Fission Fragment Mass Distribution.


Session B: Fusion and Fission of Heavy Nuclei

  • C. J. Lin, H. Q. Zhang, Z. H. Liu, J. C. Xu, and F. Yang; (PDF file 136kB)
    The Effects of Deformed Projectile in Threshold Anomaly and Fusion Reaction for 19F + 208Pb System*.

  • D. J. Hinde, A. C. Berriman, R. D. Butt, M. Dasgupta, I. I. Gontchar, C. R. Morton, A. Mukherjee, and J. O. Newton; (PDF file 1015kB)
    Role of Entrance-channel Dynamics in Heavy Element Synthesis*.

  • H. Ikezoe, S. Mitsuoka, K. Nishio, K. Satou, and I. Nishinaka; (PDF file 118kB)
    Dependence of Heavy-ion Fusion Reaction on Nuclear Deformation and Nuclear Shell Structure.

  • D. N. Poenaru, W. Greiner, Y. Nagame, and R. A. Gherghescu; (PDF file 270kB)
    Nuclear Shapes in Complex Fission Phenomena*.

  • K.-H. Schmidt, P. Armbruster, J. Benlliure, C. Bockstiegel, A. Botvina, H.-G. Clerc, T. Enqvist, A. Grewe, A. Heinz, A. R. Junghans, B. Jurado, J. Muller, M. V. Ricciardi, F. Rejmund, S. Steinhauser, and B. Voss; (PDF file 563kB)
    Experiments on Fission Dynamics with Relativistic Heavy-ion Beams*.

  • M. G. Itkis, A. A. Bogatchev, I. M. Itkis, M. Jandel, J. Kliman, G. N. Kniajeva, N. A. Kondratiev, I. V. Korzyukov, E. M. Kozulin, L. Krupa, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, I. V. Pokrovski, V. A. Ponomarenko, E. V. Prokhorova, A. Ya. Rusanov, V. M. Voskresenski, A. A. Goverdovski, F. Hanappe, T. Materna, N. Rowley, L. Stuttge, G. Giardina, and K. J. Moody; (PDF file 1462kB)
    Fusion-fission of Superheavy Nuclei .

  • S. Goto, D. Kaji, I. Nishinaka, Y. Nagame, S. Ichikawa, K. Tsukada, M. Asai, H. Haba, S. Mitsuoka, K. Nishio, M. Sakama, Y. L. Zhao, K. Sueki, M. Tanikawa, K. Takamiya, H. Kudo, and H. Nakahara; (PDF file 53kB)
    Systematic Studies of Asymmetric Mass Distributions in Proton-induced Fission of Actinides.

  • T. Ichikawa, T. Asano, T. Wada, and M. Ohta; (PDF file 885kB)
    Dynamics of Fission Modes Studied with the 3-dimensional Langevin Equation.

  • G. I. Kosenko, F. A. Ivanyuk, and V. V. Pashkevich; (PDF file 791kB)
    The Multi-dimensional Langevin Approach to the Description of Fusion-fission Reactions.

  • T. Maruyama, A. Bonasera, M. Papa, and S. Chiba; (PDF file 225kB)
    Lifetime of Heavy Composite Systems Formed by Fusion between Heavy Nuclei.

  • S. Misicu, P. O. Hess, and W. Greiner; (PDF file 56kB)
    Spectroscopy with Giant Trinuclear Molecules.

  • Y. Nagame, M. Asai, H. Haba, S. Goto, K. Tsukada, I. Nishinaka, K. Nishio, S. Ichikawa, A. Toyoshima, K. Akiyama, H. Nakahara, M. Sakama, M. Schadel, J. V. Kratz, H. W. Gaggeler, and A. Turler; (PDF file 90kB)
    Production Cross Sections of 261Rf and 262Db in Bombardments of 248Cm with 18O and 19F Ions.

  • K. Nishio, H. Ikezoe, S. Mitsuoka, K. Satou, and S. C. Jeong; (PDF file 159kB)
    Effects of Nuclear Deformation on the Fusion Probability in the Reactions of 76Ge + 150Nd and 82Se + natCe.

  • T. Ohsawa; (PDF file 64kB)
    Evaluation of Prompt Neutron Spectra from Fission of Americium Isotopes.

  • I. Ozkan, Z. Buyukmumcu, H. Sokmen, and M. Kildir; (PDF file 72kB)
    Multi-modal Study of Angular Momentum Distribution of Fission Fragments as a Result of Bending Modes.

  • H. Q. Zhang, Z. H. Liu, J. C. Xu, M. Ruan, C. J. Lin, and X. Qian; (PDF file 370kB)
    Systematic Study of Anomalous Fragment Anisotropies in Near- and Sub-barrier Fusion-fission Reactions.

  • Y. L. Zhao, I. Nishinaka, Y. Nagame, K. Tsukada, K. Sueki, M. Tanikawa, S. Goto, and H. Nakahara; (PDF file 130kB)
    Fission Characteristics of Individual Deformation Paths in Heavy Elements.


Session C: Chemistry of Heavy Actinide and Transactinide Elements

  • B. Fricke and V. Pershina; (PDF file 49kB)
    Atomic and Molecular Structure Calculations for Superheavy Elements*.

  • M. Schadel; (PDF file 559kB)
    The Chemistry of Transactinide Elements -Experimental Achievements and Perspectives*.

  • J. P. Omtvedt, J. Alstad, H. Breivik, J. E. Dyve, K. Eberhardt, C. M. Folden III, T. Ginter, K. E. Gregorich, E. A. Hult, M. Johansson, U. W. Kirbach, D. M. Lee, M. Mendel, A. Nahler, V. Ninov, L. A. Omtvedt, J. B. Patin, G. Skarnemark, L. Stavsetra, R. Sudowe, N. Wiehl, B. Wierczinski, P. A. Wilk, P. M. Zielinski, J. V. Kratz, N. Trautmann, H. Nitsche, and D. C. Hoffman; (PDF file 501kB)
    SISAK Liquid-Liquid Extraction Experiments with Preseparated 257Rf*.

  • S. N. Dmitriev, Yu. Ts. Oganessian, and M. G. Itkis; (PDF file 455kB)
    Radiochemical Investigations at the FLNR.

  • Y. Nagame, M. Asai, H. Haba, K. Tsukada, S. Goto, M. Sakama, I. Nishinaka, A. Toyoshima, K. Akiyama, and S. Ichikawa; (PDF file 155kB)
    Status and Prospects of Heavy Element Nuclear Chemistry Research at JAERI.

  • P. Schwerdtfeger, and M. Seth; (PDF file 56kB)
    Relativistic Quantum Chemistry of the Superheavy Elements. Closed-Shell Element 114 as a Case Study*.

  • V. Pershina; (PDF file 72kB)
    Theoretical Predictions of Properties and Chemical Behavior of Superheavy Elements*.

  • H. Haba, K. Tsukada, M. Asai, S. Goto, A. Toyoshima, I. Nishinaka, K. Akiyama, M. Hirata, S. Ichikawa, Y. Nagame, Y. Shoji, M. Shigekawa, T. Koike, M. Iwasaki, A. Shinohara, T. Kaneko, T. Maruyama, S. Ono, H. Kudo, Y. Oura, K. Sueki, H. Nakahara, M. Sakama, A. Yokoyama, J. V. Kratz, M. Schadel, and W. Bruchle; (PDF file 186kB)
    Anion-exchange Behavior of Rf in HCl and HNO3 Solutions.

  • A. Bilewicz; (PDF file 62kB)
    The Ionic Radius of No3+.

  • K. Akiyama, K. Sueki, K. Tsukada, T. Yaita, Y. Miyake, H. Haba, M. Asai, T. Kodama, K. Kikuchi, T. Ohtsuki, Y. Nagame, M. Katada, and H. Nakahara; (PDF file 149kB)
    Study of Metallofullerenes Encapsulating Actinides.

  • T. Maruyama, D. Kaji, T. Kaneko, S. Goto, K. Tsukada, H. Haba, M. Asai, S. Ichikawa, Y. Nagame, and H. Kudo; (PDF file 534kB)
    Rapid Chemical Separation for Bk.


Session D: Nuclear Structure and Decay Properties of Heavy Nuclei

  • W. Greiner; (PDF file 1197kB)
    Nuclear Shells in the Superheavy Region within Meson Field Theory*.

  • I. Muntian, Z. Patyk, and A. Sobiczewski; (PDF file 94kB)
    Collective Properties and Structure of Heavy and Superheavy Nuclei*.

  • M. Leino; (PDF file 83kB)
    Recent Results from Heavy Element Research at JYFL*.

  • I. Ahmad; (PDF file 94kB)
    Structure and Spectroscopy of Transcurium Nuclei*.

  • J. S. Guo, Z. Qin, Z. G. Gan, H. M. Fan, Y. B. Xu, J. J. He, X. G. Lei, X. L. Wu, H. Y. Liu, X. H. Zhou, S. G. Yuan, and G. M. Jin; (PDF file 188kB)
    Preparation of Thick Americium Targets and Synthesis of 259Db*.

  • M. Asai, M. Sakama, K. Tsukada, S. Ichikawa, H. Haba, I. Nishinaka, Y. Nagame, S. Goto, K. Akiyama, A. Toyoshima, Y. Kojima, Y. Oura, H. Nakahara, M. Shibata, and K. Kawade; (PDF file 78kB)
    Decay Studies of Neutron-deficient Am, Cm, and Bk Nuclei Using an On-line Isotope Separator.

  • T. Burvenich, D. G. Madland, J. A. Maruhn, and P.-G. Reinhard; (PDF file 81kB)
    A Relativistic Point Coupling Model for Nuclear Structure Calculations.

  • Z. Ren; (PDF file 78kB)
    Deformed Relativistic Mean-field Calculations on the Properties of Superheavy Nuclei.

  • H. Koura; (PDF file 453kB)
    Alpha-decay Half-lives and Fission Barriers for Superheavy Nuclei Predicted by a Nuclear Mass Formula.

  • V. N. Kondratyev; (PDF file 758kB)
    Structure of Nuclei in Strong Magnetic Fields.


Session E: Development of New Techniques for Heavy Element Research

  • S. Mitsuoka, H. Ikezoe, K. Nishio, K. Satou, and L. Dan; (PDF file 61kB)
    The Present and the Future of JAERI Recoil Mass Separator.

  • A. Korichi; (PDF file 535kB)
    Towards Super Heavy Nuclei Spectroscopy with a Gamma Ray Tracking Detector.

  • Yu. Ts. Oganessian, A. V. Yeremin, A. G. Popeko, O. N. Malyshev, and A. B. Yakushev; (PDF file 34kB)
    Synthesis and Identification of Superheavy Elements in Reactions with 48Ca Beams.